Our Services

Air Conditioning

  • Refrigerated Air-conditioning service and repair, all makes and models
  • Leak testing and regassing of refrigerated cooling.
  • Evaporative Air-conditioning service and repair, all makes and models
  • Split system installation, service and repair, all makes and models
  • Add-on cooling to your existing gas heating unit
  • Cooling unit relocations

Ducting & Indoor Air Quality

  • Duct work repairs and replacement (including additional outlets)
  • Duct cleaning and sanitizing
  • Indoor Air Quality - Return air filters, humidifiers, UV germicidal lights


  • Gas appliance service and repair, all makes and models
  • CO safety testing
  • New heating unit installation, replacements and system upgrades
  • Heating unit relocations

Controls, Zoning & Thermostats

  • Thermostat replacements and digital upgrades (programmable, Wi-Fi models)
  • Thermostat relocations
  • Zoning and air balancing


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Lennox Residential Warranty Form


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Focus Pro 6000 Thermostat User Guide


"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of our family for FINALLY being able to enjoy our Lennox add-on aircon. Ever since the last service call and in particular adding additional refrigerant and removing the insulation from the inner walls of the unit, the air-conditioner has been working a charm. On those warm 38+ days it has been very refreshing feeling the coolness in our home both downstairs and upstairs later in the evening something that has been very foreign to us since installation. Once again thanks for solving the problem that has been frustrating us over the past few years and your professionalism and promptness in responding to our requests."
Bill from Malvern

We Service Lennox Air Conditioners!